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Until a couple of years ago there was no one on the board who pointed out the costly mistakes that superintendent Bailey had made in the budgeting process. The unnecessary burden that result from the superintendent’s ineptness as a fiscal planner are obvious to every businessman, so when I was elected to the board, I started to demand accountability. My prompting has apparently made the superintendent  recognize that the best he can do, does not fill the bill. He has now abandoned his budgeting duties to a “Budget Advisory Committee”. Hopefully the committee will consist of local businessmen who do have experience in budgeting.

    The superintendent has, in the past, used a hand picked group of his most ardent followers to ram through his bad ideas. I remember the building committee in which Bailey did not initially  have the support of the majority. Bailey then dumped one member who in the past had showed tendencies for independent thinking, and added to the group some of his followers until he had the majority. If that is the kind of group he is assembling again, the group will not have any more credibility than the superintendent, who lately has begun to sign budget letters as “The Board of Education”, trying to shift the blame of his mistakes  to the school board.  


    The damage to the district’s finances is deep and long lasting. We had a million dollar surplus when superintendent Bailey came here. He spent that, and despite enormous increases in state aid, and local taxes we are still facing higher taxes due to  the wasteful spending.  Decades after Tom Bailey has skipped the school district, our children will be paying for the damage. Despite huge increases in state aid we have had in the past two years local tax increases totaling 15.5%. The inflation rate for the same period was 4.3%. The enrollment has declined during the same period with 42 students or 3.5% Thus there is no correlation between the increase in waste and the actual increases due to higher cost.