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Our state mandated 8t'h grade English tests show for five years in a row a failure rate of about half of the students. Should those responsible for the poor results be asked to look for employment elsewhere, or should they get year after year pay increses that are 2 or 3 times the inflation rate?

Superintendent Bailey made excuses for the whopping salary increases for the principals by claming that they had not received sufficient salary increases last year. Inflation was last year 1.6% and every administrator got a salary increase which was  almost three times the inflation rate! It was a hush, hush affair with no mention of the pay increse during the meeting or in the minutes of the meeting. Click here if you want to know the underhanded way that pay increase was rammed through.

                                    Salary               Salary                    %

 2002                  2003          Increase

Alice Truman                 67,700             70,408              4.4

Marcia Bishop               64,550             67,132              4.6

Dave McNamara            77,733              80,711           3,8

Have you received a 14% salary increase over the past two years?  The pay is up without any corresponding improvement in student performance.  

                                    Salary               Salary                    %

 2002                  2004                 Increase

Alice Truman                 67,700             77,298              14.1

Marcia Bishop               64,550             74,054              14.7

Dave McNamara             77,733              85,632           10.1

The increases  in 2004:

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